Glazed Wall Tiles
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Glazed Wall Tiles

First, the body or ‘biscuit’ tile is made from materials such as china clay, ball clay, flint and limestone, which are mixed by careful processes into a fine powder before being heavily pressed into the required shape and size. The tile is then fired at a temperature of approximately of up 150°C.

Second, glazing is applied in the form of a mixed liquid consisting of fine particles of glaze and water.

Tiles are fixed with a suitable adhesive, which can be of thin bed of mastic adhesive or a bed of a cement-based adhesive; the former requires a flat surface such as mortar screed.

Ceramic or glazed tiles are considered to be practically inert; therefore careful selection of the right adhesive to suit the backing and final condition is essential.

Glazed tiles can be cut easily using the same method as employed for glass.

Types of wall location Wall finishes Tiles wall · Dry Kitchen · Wet kitchen 1500mm high ceramic tiles Tiles wall · Bathroom Ceramic tiles to ceiling height Plaster wall · Other internal walls Plaster and emulsion paint Plaster wall · External walls Plaster and weather resistant paint

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